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An Intro to Term Life Insurance

In the last blog post I started a series on life insurance. In that post I talked about what insurance is in general and how that applies to life Insurance. In this article, I want to talk specifically about term life insurance. This is the second post in a series which are being written to discuss the different types of life insurance and try to provide clarity to readers regarding the differences and the normal applications of the different insurance solutions. As with many thing, the articles will not be exhaustive and will not address every use or variance. They are being written to address the most common, general uses. I do hope to write some posts about more technical and specialized uses of life insurance. That, however, will likely be another series. Now, let’s turn to the topic at hand, term life insurance.

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Life Insurance: The High Level

I was once given an analogy regarding life insurance. “Life insurance is like a toilet plunger...you hope it is never needed but if so it has incredible value.” Now that analogy has a limited application, but it is a light-hearted way to start a post about life insurance. After all, it isn’t exactly the cheeriest of topics. However, managing risk is an integral part of one’s financial plan.

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Why Leave?

It has been quite some time already since I last posted here. In the future, I hope to post on a much more regular basis. I wrote this post at the same time as my last one. I have waited to post it because as more time passes, more and more advantages become evident. However, I decided to post it because this is a summary of the reasons I had when I left. I’ll soon write another post detailing more which has come up along the journey. Last time I touched briefly on some of the aspects of the name, Seedtime & Harvest Wealth Counsel. Today I write for a time about why I started the firm. The goal in doing so is to continue to demonstrate how we are different and to allow our readers to weigh whether we are a firm worth exploring.

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Introduction to Seedtime & Harvest Wealth Counsel

It’s the beginning. The beginning of a vision. The beginning of a vision for a wealth counsel firm with an intense focus on partnering with rural SW Ontarians along their life journeys. A firm not cut from the same mold as the others, one governed by the golden rule, one with a core belief in the principle of stewardship. It is the beginning of the firm built the way I would want a firm to serve my loved ones. So here is to the beginning of that vision and the start of that journey.

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The Charitable Farmer - Giving Via a Donor Advised Charitable Fund Upon Selling

John and Jane meet with their financial planner and accountant to discuss ways to possibly mitigate the projected tax owing upon the sale of their land. As their Financial Planner knows they want to be able to give to charity, they discuss how much could be given to mitigate the tax bill. After crunching some numbers, the accountant calculates they could mitigate or eliminate the tax bill with a donation to charity of $150,000. John and Jane’s major hesitation is they want flexibility over time to give to their church and other charitable causes.

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It's What You Keep...Not Just What You Make

A meeting I had the other day reinforced the title of this post, “It is not what you make, it is what you keep.” In this case, the situation was a farmer who had sold his farm and invested the proceeds of the sale with another firm. I don’t know the other advisor, so my point here is not to point fingers. My point is to look at the repercussions of the lack of planning and the portfolio.

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