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Fields of Success Podcast

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Episode 9: HSAs and WSAs for Entrepreneurs: A Benefit Worth Considering

This episode of the Fields of Success podcast I had the pleasure of having Tim Kane from myHSA join me as a special guest. Time is one of the founders of myHSA and has an interesting story. I especially enjoyed Tim recounting what led to the forming of myHSA. During the episode Tim shares very valuable information regarding Health Spending Accounts (HSA or HSAs). We discuss different scenarios where an HSA may make sense for an incorporated business, what are eligible HSA expenses, and how the myHSA platform works. We also talk about some of the additional options that are possible such the bundled coverage options myHSA has put together for their plan participants.

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Episode 8: The Business of Bees: Running a Successful Apiary with Bill Ferguson

For this episode of the Fields of Success podcast, I had the pleasure of meeting with Bill Ferguson of Ferguson Apiaries near Hensall, ON. Bill and I discussed how he got started in the “bee business” and his journey to the present. He shares how his business has transformed from being primarily honey producing to breeding bees. We talk about bee genetics and Bill does a nice job of using the analogy of a dairy cow to explain it to me.

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Episode 7: Overview of Passive Income in Private Corporations and Why It Is Important

In this episode, Bud and I discuss some of the changes that were brought about with tax laws enacted in 2018, specifically passive income in a Canadian Controlled Private Corporation (CCPC). To begin, we touch on the relevance of this information for all small business owners, even those not incorporated. We then go over some terms related to the topic and Bud defines them. After this we move into some more specifics such as how aggregate investment income and adjusted aggregate investment income are calculated and how this is used to calculate a possible clawback of the small business deduction for CCPCs.

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Building a Naturopathic Medicine Practice in Stratford with Dr. Keila Roesner, ND

I think we often view building a medical practice as an easy thing. However. Keila built her business from scratch like any other entrepreneur. She didn’t have a roster of clients handed to her or anything. As well, her “product” has many intangible aspects to it, which a client really doesn’t know until experiencing it. I found this was similar in a lot of ways to financial planning, which we discussed on the episode.

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